Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Will the canning ever end??

I'm rapidly becoming convinced the answer to this question is, "No". I thought that by now my plants would be completely dead. But noooo. While the bottoms die, the tops just. Keep. Growing. I now have a tomato plant topping 12 feet. Yep, 12'. Didn't know it was possible.
For reference, that fence is over 6' tall, the stake is nearly 8', the plant goes 2' across the ground before going up, and it doubles over and the top hangs down as it's long passed the stake in height.

I'm, thankfully, down to 1-2 very large mixing bowls full of tomatoes each week versus the 5+ I was getting during peak season. This is this weeks take- the green ones fell off during a storm 2 days ago.

I've now run out of normal size jars and had to buy more. I had thought the 5 dozen pint and 3 dozen half pint jars I was given would be enough, especially as I'd bought a dozen half pints already. But I'm now down to the last few pint jars and have had to buy another down half pint jars. I'm making one last full size batch of pizza sauce today, as I've been using it on pasta and other such things, then will be a half batch of salsa. After that, all content will become jars of diced or stewed tomatoes. Nothing fancy, at all. I'm out of tomato cooking mojo it seems.

Right now the whole kitchen smells like vinegar and lemon juice as I'm trying to get hard water scale out of the bottom of some of the jars I was given. Give me 20 minutes, though, and the whole place will smell like cooking onions and garlic. Thankfully, I'm planning grilled veggie sandwiches on garlic clove bread for dinner. Give me a day or two and I'll post the recipe for the sandwiches- they are insanely yummy.

At this rate, I'm going to have to rename this blog "Self Medicating With Food" with how much cooking I've been doing lately! And yet, somehow, I've lost 5 lbs since losing my job. Trust me, I'm eating, a lot, but apperently less stress+ slightly less pain= less weight. That or my autoimmune issues, which are prone to making my weight randomly drop, decided to flare up. So long as my weight stays in it's ideal range for me (as decided on an individual basis by me and my doctors), then it's not something I'm worrying about.

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