Monday, September 30, 2013

New Day, New Opportunities

So, I got fired. Fun times. Not. 
I’ve decided to look at this as a good thing. I’ve already gotten word out in the design community that I left my job to “take the plunge”- basically, I’m telling people I realized I was too comfy and busy where I was to ever make it back into design. Which is very, very true, I was just too chicken to quit. I have a degree in design and would love to get back to it.
So I’ve decided to take advantage. This is my chance to get a design related job again. I’m fine if I end up as a CAD Monkey, as they make about 75-100% more than I was at my old job. And it still helps me make connections. I stopped by my old college and convinced one of my old professors to let me come to some of his design classes this semester to get back in the right headspace, and ended up staying for most of his class yesterday debating the how’s and whys of designs with his students. It felt good.
Once that class was done, I hung out and checked out student projects, saw a few people’s portfolios, checked out a ton of sketching (and realized I need a TON of practice), and then headed down to track down my old Technologies professor. He teaches all the 3D design stuff. In under 10 minutes, A helped me find a way to get one of the 2 softwares I know for free (Dad has the other from teaching a class last semester in the Engineering College), AND hooked me up with his websites which has every single lesson plan he teaches every year level in the program as a video for free, unlimited downloads. A kicks ass and I have a total designer/student crush on him, lol. He also said I can email him if I have any questions and that if I struggle I can come to his classes and sit in the back. :D
So, now comes tons and tons of design work. And I do mean tons. Oh, and applying for COBRA and Unemployment, but my friend M (who was fired from the same place mere months ago) and my aunt both gave me some great tips for getting unemployment so I’m cautiously hopeful.
Naturally, the stress has everything in a flare, but it's livable. I'm being careful about over stressing the legs at night so the pain has a chance to die down a bit before attempting sleep. 

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