Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I think Prednisone ate my knitting mojo....

As I've spent the last 2 years trying to find the right balance and mix of immunosuppressants to give me ideal symptom relief, I've spent a good bit of time on prednisone. The steroid is a great immune suppressant and it works perfect for temporary situations, but it's dangerous to take it long term. Since I've been on it 6 months or more now, my rhuemy and I decided we needed to get me off of it. I've been having some vascular side effects (it's weakening the capillaries, allowing them to be far too easily penetrable, meaning meds that are injected but not into a vein are getting sucked up and I'm bruising and I'm bleeding too easily, plus blowing veins when dealing with IV's). So I weaned myself off and am now dealing extra symptoms. More arthritis, more pain, more skin issues, all of it.

So imagine my surprise when I suddenly felt the urge to Make Things. Not just the woodworking and sprucing up the house I've been doing, but I've been wanting to sew, make jewelry, knit, and crochet. I honestly don't think I've completed a single project this calendar year since I've spent most of the year with major arthritis issues. Hands and wrists that don't bend don't lend themselves to crafting, especially crocheting (lots of wrist rotation with that craft).

I listened to my Inner Crafter (which is about 10 years old most of the time and tends to insist shiney things are the best) and picked up a skein of Project Linus yarn that was still in a box from moving this spring. It's cheap acrylic boucle in blue and white, but perfect for a super simple crochet project that I can pick up and drop with no warning. So I started doing a Corner-to-Corner Blanket. It's fun. I'd forgotten that crochet and knitting can be fun- they had been mentally feeling like work for months now.

Complete and utter weirdness. I knew prednisone had weird side effects, but eating crafting mojo? New one to me! Been stuck dealing with weird side effects lately, or just a lack of crafting mojo? Working on some Project Linus projects? (All little kids need blankies!) Feel free to share! Also, if you're a Raveler, feel free to look me up there- my Rav name is DaapAteMySoul.

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