Monday, November 25, 2013

News on the SCS trial

Just a very quick update on the Spinal Cord Stimulator trial front- I got a call Friday afternoon to schedule my trial. There was back and forth as they wanted to schedule me more than a month after they said they would, but in the end, I was scheduled for my trial to start Wednesday, November 27th, at 9:20am. Yep, in 2 days. My trial will likely be on the very short side, all of 3 days, with the end likely being Friday afternoon. My doctors office prefers to not leave the devices in long for a variety of reasons, including high infection risk and wires coming loose. 

I'll be posting pretty often about the experience for those who are interested. Frankly, I've never met anyone in person who has a SCS for CRPS. I've met a few people who have them for spinal issues, but not CRPS, so I'm very curious. 

For anyone who's curious, I went searching and found a picture of someone with a trial unit in. Note: this is not me (obviously). I will be posting pictures of myself with my trial unit once it's all in, though. 

My parents will both be staying at my house for Wednesday and Thursday night, then if my trial is extended for any reason, we'll decide from there who will be staying with me. During the trial, I can't bend, twist, raise my arms above my shoulders, or lift anything over a few pounds. This is because the wires going into my spine will only be anchored to the skin with 2 quick stitches, so any of those maneuvers could easily dislodge a wire and cause pain, spasms, and other, more serious, complications. So having the parents here will be very important to make sure I can safely get around and so I'm not trying to do things like cooking. 

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  1. I'm trying so hard not to squick at the whole concept of wires going into your spinal cord but ackackack, that's... *shiver*. I hope it works! One of my welding teachers had a SCS to manage pain after 60% of his skeleton was replaced with titanium after a workplace injury. He loved that it turned down/off the pain, but he got awfully jumpy whenever a lightning storm came through. :) Good luck, babe!