Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

A quick post to say Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. We had a blast today with the entire family and no one jarred my SCS wires/unit. It was a bit weird because I spent very little time with the kiddos, and normally the kids talk me into a board game. This year, their parents all told them to please leave me alone because of the trial, which was likely for the best, even if it did feel odd. I managed to get a hug from L, my favorite little cousin, who is 3 years old and cute as a button. Of course, being a stinker, he  first had to hide and "refuse" to hug me, but he kept laughing so hard he almost fell over so the hiding didn't work so well. He's at such a fun age, when they start using whole sentences. Today he thanked my mom "for making yummy pies". (He's a true member of the family- he's a pumpkin pie fiend.) 

Some family fun:

Dad in a pink plaid apron.

Grandpa snoring away in his chair after dinner. 

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