Saturday, August 17, 2013


Sorry I haven't posted in a bit- I got to go on my first vacation in over 8 years this week. My whole family went to Ocean Isle, NC. My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal on the beach overlooking the sound that seperates the island from the mainland. It was fantastic to get to be there. They're still so very much in love after 50 years of marriage. I can only hope that someday I can find my true love like they have. Following the vow renewal we had a big family dinner (all 12 of us) curtesy of my older brother, dancing to music that was popular 50 years ago (courtesy of my aunt), and a slide show of pictures from my grandparents dating days and wedding (which I had never seen before, so it was awesome).

The rest of the week was far less dignified. I blame that on my grandparents, though- they declared war by showing up with a minivan full of squirt guns. We spent hours most days in the pool attacking each other, attempting to dunk people, and generally being loud, obnoxious goofballs.  I may have kinda, sorta ending up jumping on my grandmothers back at one point and dunking her in the deep end... She started it! (I should probably point out that Gran looks and acts at least a decade younger than her 69 years and is healthy as a horse.) Thankfully, our neighbors were very laid back people and didn't mind the noise. ;) I even got in the ocean!!!! The RSD makes me extremely sensitive to temperature so I was very worried the cold water would be a Very Bad Thing, but the water was oddly warmer than usual. So warm, in fact, I didn't even need the wetsuit I took with me. I got some very odd looks for walking right into the water with my old wood crutches, but they worked great in the water and were no worse for wear for the  hour I spent in the ocean water. I'm glad I took the wetsuit with, though. It was worth the cost of the rental for the piece of mind. Plus, the guys at the scuba shop reminded me that with how weak my leg is now I shouldn't go very deep in the water as I wouldn't have the strength to resist any undertow. A very good reminder, indeed. 

A picture of my grandparents as they danced after the vow renewal:

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